//9 YEARS//

To me marriage is sacred and it may be that to you as well, but it
seems that it’s lost its sacredness. In this world we live in divorce is
something that happens all of the time. I don’t want to get into a
political/biblical debate on the topic but I’ll just simply say that it seems
to be something that is so easy to turn to when things get hard and that makes
me sad.
Matt and I started dating the end of my
senior year in High school. He had graduated the year before and was coaching
basketball and we worked at the same place a gym called L.A. fitness. He had
actually gotten me the interview. At the time I was dating someone else and we
were just friends. We joke about it now but he pretty much knows everyone I
have ever dated because a few of them were his friends. I guess that is what
happens when you go to a small school 🙂

All that to say we have known each other
for a while, we have seen each other in our immature teen years (he was rocking
the step cut and I had striped hair and crazy lip liner) and our lost years in
college trying to figure out the paths we wanted to take. We dated long
distance for 4 years. We broke up twice mostly because I wasn’t sure on the
whole being a pastors wife thing, something that he was feeling called to do.
The idea of being an example to other people scared me.
I was an insecure girl who struggled with anxiety and I never felt I would or
could be what I thought that title of “Pastor’s Wife” meant. However,
I knew I couldn’t live my life without him. On August 13, 2005 we said our
vows in front of our family and closest friends and our journey began. 
The journey isn’t always what you think it
will be. Life happens. Lives are changed. There is Heartbreak. Love
Unimaginable. Life. Death. Wrong Decisions. Right Decisions. Forgiveness.
Letting Go. Loss. Grief. Happiness. Arugments. Sacrafice. Joy. Fullfilment.
Excitement. Fear. Peace. Security. Insecurity. Struggle. Pain. Hopelessness.
Helplessness. Laughter. Gratefullness. Growth. Acceptance. Adventure. Mundane.
Messy. New. Old. Sickness. Frustrations. Admiration. Desires. Contentment.
Selfishness. Grace.

Grace is getting something you don’t
deserve. There is nothing in me that deserves the kind of sacrificial love that
I receive from Matt. It’s a gift that I get even when I am unlovable. Our
marriage has taught me more about the love that Jesus has for me then any
sermon ever has. And for that my love I am forever grateful!
Cheers to us babe!  Thanks for asking me to be yours.
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