//She Reads Truth//

I love instagram.  I am not afraid to admit my social media addiction to
you. Ok I am a little bit. There are times when it can consume our lives or make us feel inadequate if we let it and if I ever feel that way I’ll take a break from it for a
few days sometimes even a few weeks. but I love the community of woman that I have found
through this little Icon. A lot of beautiful souls I would have never

It’s also how I found this amazing FREE
app called #SheReadsTruth (currently only available on iphone) however, you can
find their amazing website by clicking HERE. I love the name, She
Reads Truth. It’s so perfect for me and the season I am in. 
Finding time to spend in God’s word has
always been a struggle for me and now that I am a mom it’s even harder to find
the time #lameexcuse but it’s true. I’ve always known that it’s important to
set aside time to be with Jesus intentionally, but I have become convinced in
my old age of how it’s not just important it’s critical.
My mind is a chaotic mess. Sometimes I
wish someone else could spend a day in my mind to see how much of a nut job I am lol.  There is a serious battle  going on to fight off lies, insecurities, comparisons, fears, etc. It’s exhausting
and to think I can just do it on my own without being in the truth of God’s
word each day is pretty ridiculous on my part.
you like your cell phone, pretty pictures, God’s word, and community go get the
app. I highly recommend it.
 “Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on the things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious-the BEST, not the worst; the BEAUTIFUL, not the ugly; things to PRAISE, not things to curse.” (MSG) Philippians 4:8

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