//A 24 Hour Whirl Wind//

This past Thursday I had my usual weekly Dr’s appointment for me and baby boy. It all started out pretty much the same, bribing Riley with a sucker if she stays good and tells me when she has to go potty and holding my breath keeping one eye opened as I step on the scale to only be utterly depressed and let down once again:) 
However as I laid back and they put the doppler on my belly to hear the heart beat the entire day changed quite drastically! Before the nurse said one word I knew something was wrong, it was quite clear that his heart beat was not normal. It went something like this “beep beep beep…..beep beep beep…..” She instantly called in the midwife to come listen. As I was laying there breaking out in a sweet trying not to freak out they told me I needed to come in the back and be put on the monitor for a while.

I called Matt immediately and he met me at the Dr’s office. After being on the monitor for a good 45 minuets with no real change in his heart they decided to send me to have an Ultra Sound done and blood work. During the Ultra sound, of coarse the technician isn’t allowed to say much about whats going on because the Dr. is the one that gives you the results so we had to wait for that phone call which came around 6:30 p.m.
We were then told that they found a definite arrhythmia in his heart (which we already knew) and that the right ventricle and the outside of something or other (I honestly have no recollection of the medical term used) was dilated, meaning enlarged.  Our next instructions were to head straight down to Children’s Hospital in Denver in the morning for another extensive Ultra Sound and Echo cardiogram to be done. She also told me that I am now a High Risk pregnancy and would need to deliver down there as well, which could end up being tomorrow depending on what they found. So to have my bags packed and ready.
Matt and I were in shock! We really didn’t have any information at all just that there was an abnormality in his heart. I always tend to start thinking through all the worst case scenarios, I guess it’s some what of a defense mechanism so that I feel somewhat prepared in case the worst does happen. I couldn’t sleep at all that night, I even did laundry! Around 5:00 am I felt prompted to send a facebook message to a small group of women who I knew would PRAY for me, Matt, and the baby. 
We went down to Denver that next morning the entire process took about an hour and a half after having two different technicians come in and do the testing to make sure they got good enough pictures. The Dr. finally came in after what seemed like forever and said “Well I have good news for you we can’t find anything wrong”.  I immediately said” are you serious” and cried and Matt said “Hallelujah”. She then went on to ask how we got there to the hospital to see her. We explained the entire situation of the last 24 hours. 
She reassured us that she was 100% confidant that her team did not find ANYTHING wrong that his heart was the normal size and had no arrhythmia. She even told us thank you because she doesn’t normally get to give such good news!!! Matt and I probably stood in the hallway for a few minuets hugging and crying with joy knowing in our hearts that God did a miracle! 
As I sit here writing this I still feel like the entire thing was a crazy dream! Besides Matt’s Brain surgery it really was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Not knowing whether or not this baby you have been carrying for 9 months was going to come home with you or not. I wish I could say I was so full of faith and trust in God that I just wasn’t worried one bit and knew everything was going to be ok, but I would be lying. I was scared, full of fear, doubt, frustration, anger, trying to trust, trying to have faith and be strong but feeling overwhelmed. I relied on the words of encouragement, scripture, and prayers that those women emailed me back with to fill my heart with the truth of God’s word and the Love of His people to surround me. 
I believe in MIRACLES I believe that Jesus heals. I also know that is not always the way He works or the way he chooses to answer our prayers. I know that is what happened that day Friday March 30th. I know that he healed our baby boy and I share this story with you all because I can’t not share it with you. Whether you are a believer in Jesus or not if you are really excited about something, if you are overjoyed with great news you have to tell someone, you have to scream it out! So that is what I am doing, Screaming out this amazing wonderful news that we experienced this past week!

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