//Hair Transformation// From Bleach Blonde to Soft Blonde for fall//

If I could do it all over again I would forego my 4 year Bachelors
degree and would have gone to cosmetology school. I am in no way saying going
to college is bad. In fact the College experience is amazing. I gained so much
knowledge and friendships that will last forever. However I also gained a BIG
fat school loan that my loving husband was so lucky to inherit when we got
married three months after I graduated 🙂
Ok so all that to say. I really LOVE hair
and think I could have been a really good stylist (who knows maybe one day I
will.) I just love long pretty hair. That’s the girly girl in me. Since I don’t
know anything about doing hair myself I follow someone who does. Danielle White is the most wonderful stylist I have
ever seen. She has a real eye for color and placement and she created her own
amazing technique for hair extensions called the Natural Beaded Row.
You know how some of you have a blogger
you stalk or a girl who you totally wish you had her style, Danielle is that
person to me.  I was being me and
searching out pictures of someone I had seen on T.V. whose hair color I loved
some of you may know her Michelle Money who was on the bachelor and I came
across a YouTube video of Danielle doing Michelle’s hair. From that moment on I
was following her on all the social media sites.
I am super picky about who does my hair. I
am probably a stylists worst nightmare because I have a vision of what I want
(yeah I am the girl who comes in with a million different pictures.)  So
this may sound silly to some of you but I had mentioned to my husband that if
he could do one thing that would make me so happy it would be to have Danielle
do my hair. I told him I wouldn’t want any other gift the entire year which is
a big statement girls because you know we all like getting gifts. Did I ever mention
that I married a really smart guy because guess what he did? He listened to
me and made my wish come true.  I got to meet Danielle in person this past
July when I took a trip with my sister to Arizona!
I was nervous before my appointment because I
felt like I was meeting a celebrity, but she made me feel so comfortable and
right at home like I was talking to one of my girlfriends.  Not only that, but
my hair turned out AMAZING!!!! Matt texted me during my appointment and said
“are all your dreams coming true right now?” and my reply was
“yes they are babe.” He knows the way to my heart shopping and getting my hair done.
If you love beautiful hair, beauty, and
gorgeous style you NEED to go follow Danielle. She is the BEST! Just click on
her highlighted name in this post and you will find the links to her facebook
and website where you can connect with her on instagram and pinterest as well.
Here is my before and after picture of my
hair transformation. We decided to soften up my blonde for fall and it turned
out gorgeous. We took the before picture on the left while color was starting to process so its a little messy.
 photo BL-BbyPink2_zpsacd73832.png

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