//Rainy Week//

As mentioned in my “About Me” section. I absolutely love
the rain. We sleep with our windows opened at night so we can hear the sound of
the rain hitting the ground and the fresh smell fill our room. There really is nothing better.  I think
I would be the happiest in a place like Seattle where it rains all the time.
 I just want to curl up with a hot drink and a good book. Since that is
not an option with two little ones running around I decided instead to do a lot
of hot home cooked crock-pot meals for dinner, baking with my girl, and
watching movies with the kids. Matt requested oreo cheesecake cookies. They are so delicious that I made him hide them from me so I wouldn’t eat anymore.
Although we were enjoying this fall like
weather our beautiful state of Colorado has been flooding since the down pour
of all the rain. We are blessed to have not been affected by the flooding.
However so many people around us have lost everything they own. It is
completely devastating to see all of the pictures and the videos of what the
flooding has destroyed. The sun is peeking out today and the rain has stopped,
but our hearts are heavy for all of those who have lost everything they had. Please
keep the state of Colorado and these families in your prayers. 

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