I was born in 1983 so I consider myself really lucky to have been
a kid growing up without all of the social media that we have so easily at our
fingertips. Don’t get me wrong I love social media it’s an awesome way to stay
connected with family and friends and to share pieces of your world to others.
However, I really do wish my kids would have had the type of childhood I had.
You know playing outside (we would roller blade and ride our bikes everywhere)
dial up internet, the nervous feeling before you actually call the boy you like
on the phone and pray his parents don’t answer, calling the movie theater to
listen to the recorded times and then missing it and having to painfully go
through the entire process again. Oh and I’ll never forget the first pager I
bought myself with my hard earned $5 dollar an hour job working at Wetzel’s
Pretzels. Whoever thought of pagers anyway? There were no such
things as #selfies and following your favorite Hollywood stars, bands, and bloggers so that you
could keep up with their personal lives. It’s all kind of strange and yet so
intriguing at the same time.
My sister and I always check out each others instagram accounts
when we are together to see who each other is following. I love keeping up with
pop culture. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in California or what but
people here in Colorado think I am a freak because I know who’s dating who and
who just had a baby and so on and so on but that’s ok. I like my quirky Hollywood
obsessed self. So I thought it would be fun to be a little bit vulnerable here
for a moment and share with you a few of the people I LOVE to follow on instagram
and by vulnerable I mean admitting that yes I do follow all of the Kardashians
and I am not going to try and justify it because I don’t think anyone can lol. Here are
my top 10 Hollywood Girly accounts in no particular order. I’d love to hear from you and who your favorite instagram celebs are.

Catt Sadler @IAMCATTSADLE. I am obsessed with e news I love it
and I love Catt’s fashion and style. 
Hillary Duff @hilaryduff. I grew up watching Lizzy Mcguire
and listening to her music.
Jessica Simpson @jessicasimpson. To me she will always be one of
the most beautiful girls in hollywood and her kids are freaking adorable.
Britney Spears @britneyspears. I grew up in the 90’s people of course I follow her.
Nicole Richie @NICOLERICHIE. I am a huge fan of Nicole’s
1960’s bohemian style.
Jessie Decker @jessiejamesdecker. I love this girl. She is so down
to earth and has a lot of great makeup tutorials and she’s a new mama. 
Kristin Cavallari @kristincavallari. Love her style as well and as
you have heard me mention before my sister is the designer of her Chinese
Laundry collection so I like to keep up with her.
Leighton Meester @ITSMELEIGHTON. I mean she married my crush Adam Brody.
Zooey Deschanel @ZOOEYDESCHANEL. New Girl need I say more. 
Candace Cameron Bure @CANDACEBURE. D.J. Tanner we all wanted to be her at some point during our years of watching full house. I love how she’s open about her faith. She rocks!

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