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It’s Friday and I am sick, boo. Trying to take care of myself and the babes, not an easy task.  But I wanted to share this awesome post that I found, it’s my Friday Fave from Sarah over at Our Hope Reclaimed on the new and upcoming social media site called Tsu (pronounced Sue). 
It’s all I have been hearing about this week so I dug a little deeper and found out what all the buzz is about and what I found is pretty fantastic. It’s a site that believes the big guys (Facebook, Tsu, Instagram) should get only 10% of the profits from ads and YOU AND ME get the other 90%. Why?  Because they recognize that the content providers (you and me) are the ones creating the value. Pretty cool right?!
Sarah explains it so well and has the inside info as her and her hubby are invested in the biz. So here is my Friday Fave post of the week. Tsu: a new and beautiful way. Enjoy. Oh and don’t forget here is your invite to join and create your own account on the link below (its by invite only right now. Think of how pinterest was). Click on my link for the invite. Can’t wait to see you there!

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