//Goodbye 2014//

There are only a few days left in 2014. Can you believe it?
Right now is my busiest time being a fitness coach. All the New Year’s
Resolutions and guilt over holiday eating is kicking in and everyone wants to
jump on a health and fitness plan to start the New Year off right. The bummer
part is most people have good intensions but don’t stick to them. The good news
is that WILL NOT happen to you with the opportunity to join my Jan 5th
Challenge group. 
Why? Because I your fitness coach along with my girls already in
the group (private group held on face book) are there to keep tabs on each
other. My coaching is FREE. I am there for any questions you may have about the
program we are doing (Insanity Max30), nutrition, diet, you name it. It’s a fun
way to keep going on your journey and the best part is that none of us are
perfect but we are there to encourage each other and help push each other
towards our health and fitness goals.
I am looking for a few ladies who need help
getting back on track after the holidays. We are going to start the Insanity
Max 30program together on January 5th. We have an awesome group of ladies who
have already committed. We just need a few more to round out the group.
We are going to follow a home fitness program
that is proven to work, nourish our bodies with a super dose of dense
nutrition, and a simple to follow meal plan that will SHRED FAT! This group
will help us stay on track, form friendships, and have FUN doing it! 
Sound interesting? Comment below with your
email address, message me on fb here, or on instagram here or just email me at
fawnrosenbohm@hotmail.com and I will get back to you with all the information.
Excited to meet you and hear your heart. 
XOXO Coach Fawn

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