//Dear New Mom//

Dear New

You are
about to embark on the most rewarding, difficult, emotional, humbling,
beautiful and sweaty (Yes I said “sweaty “I sweat every time I lug my kids out
somewhere. It doesn’t end when your pregnancy is over FYI) journey in your
life.  It will change you in ways you
never knew were possible.
I don’t
think there is really any way to prepare for motherhood. You can fill your arms
to the brim at Barnes and Noble with all of the parenting books out there that
all of your mom friends have recommended to you and better yet you can even
read them from cover to cover but, I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is
no one size fits all formula of how to be a “good” mom and there are no words
to describe what being a mother is like until you actually experience it. Live
it. Feel it. I am pretty convinced your heart literally becomes bigger once you
hold your little babe in your arms for the first time. There is nothing quite
like that moment. And your eyes see the world through new lenses, sometimes the
lenses are rose colored and sometimes they are foggy and we feel scared and
lost but that’s ok.

There will
be days when you think to yourself “I am a mom rock star. I actually look cute
today. My kids are bringing me so much joy and listening to me. We even made it
to church on time. I am totally killin’ this mom thing.” And then there will be
days more often than not when you say “I am a terrible mother. I just need 5
min to myself. I am still wearing the same yoga pants I had on yesterday, but
now they are covered in food and snot and I just lost my temper with my toddler
who decided it was a great idea to poop in her pants while we are at target.
Thank God I put on a hat today so hopefully no one will notice me losing my cool
with my kids and my puffy lack of sleep bags under my eyes won’t scare anyone
off. I need a glass of wine and a mommy time out pronto.” There are a lot of
ups and downs and you will be your worst critic. Try and not beat yourself up.
Try and not compare yourself to other moms. Comparison truly does steal your
joy. Don’t believe the lies that will run through your head. Believe the truth
that God will give you what you need to be (your kids names) mom. He will walk
with you and guide you through this journey called motherhood you are not
alone. He is with you. Spending time with Him daily is THE best thing you can
do for your kids. Make it a priority. Stay connected to Jesus.

Also having
a “Mom Brain” is a real thing and my husband can attest to this. I have lost
brain cells since having my kids. I had never broken a bone in my life and I’ve
broken two since being a mom. I fall more often. Smash my fingers in the car
door slice my finger while cooking dinner, find things in the freezer that
should have been put in the refrigerator and vice versa. I can’t tell you how
many times I have been in the checkout line to find that I left my wallet at
home or that my car keys are in a random cupboard in the house. You will most
likely become a space cadet but don’t worry there are lots of us out there to
help support you if we can only remember to text or call you back.
That brings
me to my next point new mamas. Being a new mom is lonely. At least it was for
me. Since I was able to stay at home with my kids, it was me and the kids all
day err day. I wouldn’t want it any other way but make sure you surround
yourself with friends. Have play dates put yourself out there and reach out to
other moms because I promise you they want you to, just like you want them to
reach out to you. Strike up a conversation with the mom at the park you never
know she could end up becoming your best friend. Don’t isolate yourself like I
did for a long time. Not only will you be dying inside but you’ll drive your
husband crazy.   Be a blessing to other
mamas out there. I promise it will do your heart good.

Make time
for yourself. Find something you love that doesn’t involve your kids or your
hubby and do it every day. Mine is working out. I used to feel guilty about
taking the time to work out putting my kids in the day care at the gym or
letting them watch a show while I workout at home. Thankfully I learned quickly
to not put that guilt on myself. I need a stress reliever in order to be the
mama that I need to be. So go get that pedicure, massage, read that new book or
veg out on reality TV. You deserve it. You work hard and your work is important
more important than you think. What you do matters and it matters a lot. Don’t
let the world tell you any different.

If there was
one thing I could leave you with it is this. This season in life is for such a
short time. Although it seems like a never ending cycle of laundry, dirty
diapers, refereeing, saying “No”, teething spells, bumped knees, messy rooms,
month old milk found in Sippy cups, cheerios tucked into the corners of the couch,
not being able to pee alone or talk on the phone without being
interrupted.  Soak it in. And try and
live in the moment even the hard moments because they will be gone. Isn’t it
funny how time can go by so slow and yet so fast all at the same time?  Those beautiful moments, the ones that make
your heart skip a beat and put a smile on your face in the middle of wiping
your tears from your eyes the little hands that reach up for you, the sweet
voice that desperately calls out “mama”, the prayers before bed, the childlike
faith, the funny stories, the silly ways they pronounce words such as “keeke”
for their “blanket, the way they cup your face with their tiny hands and say
“you’re the best mom in the whole world” or how your little girl wants to be
just like you when she grows up and your son brings you a flower he picked from
outside. Those moments will go by fast too. Write them down. Let them bring you
joy like the warmth of the sun on your skin on a spring day. Lock them in your
heart forever and never let them go.

From one
mama’s heart to another,

About the

Fawn is
married to her husband Matt they have two kids Riley 4, and Cohen, 2. They live
in Greeley Colorado but are originally from San Diego California. Fawn loves to
blog over at www.fawnrosenbohm.com
and she loves to capture life
through pictures on instagram you can follow her here .
One of her passions is being a health and fitness coach and running online
challenge groups. She loves to worship Jesus, shop, read, take naps, spend time
at the beach, have Netflix marathons with her hubby, pin an insane amount of
pins on pinterest and take fun vacations with the family.

To follow the rest of Aubree’s “Dear New Mom” Series head over to www.aubreeshupe.com


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