This is a tribute to my Grandma, Velva Lee Bujack. She left this earth on Feb 25, 2016. This is what I wrote and shared at her memorial.
Have you heard of the saying she’s “Whiskey in a teacup?” Well that was my grandma. She was small in stature but mighty in spirit. My grandma was also very beautiful. She always had her hair, nails and makeup done. She loved telling me the story of how when I was a little girl I would watch her get ready for work and I would point to my lips because I wanted her to put lipstick on me just like her.  
 One of my fondest memories with my grandma was spending time with her at work.  We would get to help her sell candy to the customers who came in to the Westerner where she worked for many years. We loved going to work with grandma, I think our favorite part was that she always let us take a bag of candy home filled with whatever we wanted. I am sure my parents loved that, but that is what Grandmas are for. They get to spoil their grandchildren and she spoiled us well.  
My Grandma lived in Fallbrook California for 28 years, this town will always be her to me. Her memory will always be in this place. Her home may have been small but it was the gathering head quarters for our family. We had many holidays there, my baby shower for my first child was at her house. I even lived there as a teenager for a summer and as I became an adult and had a family of my own 488 Shady Glen drive became our home away from home. My babies and I stayed with her every time we came out to visit and I always felt bad because we were loud and messy but Grandma loved having us there. She had everything ready for us, high chairs, boxes of toys, pack n plays for my kids to sleep in and ice cream. She always had drumsticks waiting for us in the freezer.  
Grandma was a big part of all of her six grandchildren’s lives. She helped shaped us into the men and women that we are today. I have always known the great pride my grandma had in her role of grandma. She was so proud of each one of us  from the oldest to youngest Matt, Myself, Shayna, Kyle, Ryan and Tori.  Her refrigerator was covered with our faces  through the years. She told everyone she knew about us and the things we were accomplishing in life. Her license plate on her car even read “Happiness is being a Grandparent.”  My daughter Riley who is 6 had such a special bond with her GiGi. Watching them together was like I was transported back in time watching myself as a little girl with my grandma. Riley would always want to stay with GiGi in her room and in the still quiet of the mornings you could hear them talking and giggling. GiGi would always say “she just wakes up every morning with a smile on her face doesn’t she?”  and as I would reply “Yes she does.”  I know that those moments put a smile on hers.  
I read this devotional from one of my favorite books called Jesus calling the day my Grandma passed a way it said:  “Thank me for each blessing along the way; this brings Joy to both you and Me. A grateful heart protects you from negative thinking. Thankfulness enables you to see the abundance I shower upon you daily. In everything give thanks, for this is my will for you.”  
So in this time of grief I turn my heart towards thankfulness. 
I am thankful that the smell of coffee in the morning and a cold glass of milk with dinner will always remind me of Grandma. 
I am thankful that she was able to see 3 of her grandchildren find love and get married. 
I am thankful that she saw all 4 of her children find love. 
I am thankful she was able to have 3 great grandchildren.  
I am thankful that she showed such example of strength and independence. 
I am thankful that she always stood outside and cried whenever we backed out her driveway to head home because it showed me how much she loved us and would miss us. 
I am thankful that she was brave and smart and kind and giving. 
I am thankful that she lived almost 79 years.
I am thankful that all of her kids had beautiful relationships with her and that they were all there with her to care for her and  love her until the end. She was never alone and for that I am so thankful. 
I am thankful that we both loved the T.V. show The Bachelor and that we stayed up many nights watching it together.  
I am thankful for her contagious laugh and her blue eyes.
I am thankful that Grandma always had chocolate on her coffee table in her candy dish and that she didn’t get mad at me when I would eat it all.
I am thankful that my mom, my aunt, and my grandma took a road trip to visit my family and I in Colorado. I am thankful that she was able to see our life and where we lived. 
I am thankful that we spent countless nights staying up late playing yahtzee or scrabble and that we would be laughing so hard we cried because we would get the giggles from being so tired.  
I am thankful for days spent at the park, hot summer nights, trips to the yogurt store, meals around her table, long conversations, letters written, pictures colored, picking fruit from her back yard, trips to bates nut farm, legoland, and the fair. 
I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with the words from a song that talks about how this earth is not our home but that heaven is our home. It brings me great comfort, peace and joy and I hope it does the same for you as well.
On that day when I see all that You have for me 
When I see You face to face there surrounded by Your grace 

All my fears swept away in the light of Your embrace 

Where Your love is all I need and forever I am free 
Where the streets are made of gold in Your presence healed and whole 
Let the songs of heaven rise to You alone 
No weeping, no hurt or pain, no suffering 
You hold me now, You hold me now 

And no darkness, no sick or lame, no hiding 

You hold me now, You hold me now 
And that is what I am the most thankful for, it’s what I owe my life to the gift of salvation that Jesus offers to anyone who believes in Him that they shall not perish but have everlasting life. 
I love you Grandma and I will see you again one day. 

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