//Best Stroller I’ve Ever Owned//

You could say I have had my fair share of strollers with three kids under my belt. Some I have loved and some I have hated but by far my absolute favorite system has been
the Igo stroller system from Mutsy.
First of all this stroller is so chic.
It’s the Rolls-Royce of baby strollers. I wanted a stroller that was very
fashionable looking and had all the bells and whistles and Mutsy did not disappoint.
I have the Igo silver special
chassis with camel handle and reflect cosmo black seat unit. This is a limited
premium edition that Mutsy created inspired by the innovative technical fabrics
used in sports fashion. It is a sporty looking stroller with an emphasis on fashion,
comfort, and safety. It is exactly what I was looking for.
When the stroller
arrived I was a bit nervous trying to put it together but it was so easy! All
you needed to do was put the wheels on. I was able to do it myself without the
help of my husband. As soon as it was put together I was in love. The high quality
of the fabrics used and the leather detail are impeccable.
The quilted soft parts
feature a water-repellent and wind repellent fabric as top layer and are
finished with highly chic details, such as aluminum buttons, nylon zippers with
metallic finish and fiber leatherette accents. The liner of the canopies is
made of 3M reflective material for a real jet set look, but also increases the
visibility of your stroller in darkness. The back layer of the cot canopy can
be zipped open and turned inside out, showing 2 reflective triangles for utmost
safety. When expanding the seat canopy a big reflective surface will appear in
the middle of the hood to make sure nobody passes without seeing you, your
child and their striking stroller! Reflect Cosmo Edition The Igo reflect cosmo
edition combined with the new camel leather details match perfectly with the
cosmo edition chassis with taupe leather push bar.
The look and the
convenience of the pram body (buggy seat option) is another feature that sold
me on the Igo. We have the Pram Body in
the special reflect cosmo black
. This enables our baby to lay in the preferred
flat position for up to 6 months! I love that it is mounted high on the frame
so it does not hurt your back what so ever.
We have all had those
strollers that you just can’t seem to get it to fold which results in
frustration and wasted time and cargo space. Thankfully the Igo is so simple to
fold and put a way. It is light and compact which I am so thankful for. Makes
our lives on the go so much easier and its perfect for everyday use.
We recently took a trip
to California and I took the Igo along with my Maxi-Cosi car seat which is compatible
with the Igo. It is one of the features I love about this stroller. The car
seat fits perfectly with the adapters you purchase through Mutsy. It gave us
more cargo space in the car because we didn’t have to pack an additional bulky
stroller. I received so many compliments at the air port on how high end the
stroller looked.



This stroller is my top
pick by far. You will be getting the best of the best when purchasing the


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