Brows and Lashes Oh My!

Lets talk brows! I never really paid attention to my brows (beside a wax once in a while) until the last few years. Once I started coloring in my brows I was blown a way with the difference it made in my everyday look. I really loved making my brows appear fuller and darker but having to color them in every day can be a little tedious and time consuming. Enter Britt Niccoli Artistry.

Meet Britt

This beautiful babe is the owner of Britt Niccoli Artistry here in Northern Colorado and let me tell you she’s a pro at what she does. Britt is a Microblading and Soft Tap Brow Artist as well as a Lash Extension specialist. Britt is originally from Utah aka the blogging and beauty capitol of the world so she is up to date with all of the latest beauty trends. Britt is ADORABLE and extremely professional which speaks volumes to me and I am so pleased with the results I had with the soft tap she did on my brows.

What Is Soft Tap/Powder Brow?

You have probably heard of microblading the technique of tattooing fine like hair strokes on your brows for a fuller permanent look. So what is soft tap and why did I choose this method?

Soft tap is another technique to fill in your brows but it is a smoother finish and less painful there is no numbing cream needed. Soft Tap gives you a more smooth finish making your brows look just as they would when you fill them in with makeup. The best part is all you need is a touch up every couple of years.





Britt offers a consultation where she walks you through the entire process and then together you decide on the perfect shade and shape for your brows. The entire tapping process takes about 2 hours. She is offering FREE consultations with just a $75 down payment to hold your spot as well as a CRAZY holiday special of $150 off. This is a huge savings and a great Christmas gift. Book here for your consultation and pricing. P.S. she does my volume lashes and I can’t live without them check her out on Instagram to see all of her work and don’t forget to tell her Fawn sent you.


Britt Niccoli Artistry IG

6560 29th Street, Greeley CO 80634





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  1. November 23, 2017 / 12:36 am

    Wow! The before and after difference is really clear. Nice job she did. I love your lashes and look!

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