How Blood Donors Saved My Son’s Life

Finns Story

 It all started the week before Christmas.  I got Finn out of his crib in the morning and I noticed he didn’t look very well (extremely pale, blue lips, and blotchy skin) something in me you can call it a mamas instinct I guess, knew something was very wrong so I grabbed my other two kiddos and we rushed him to the hospital. After testing and seeing his white blood cell count, liver enzymes, and hemoglobin were all severely off he was taken by ambulance to the children’s hospital in Denver.

We spent 10 days in the hospital including Christmas day away from our other two kids. They were the scariest days I have ever faced as a mama. We didn’t know what was going on with Finn and why he was so sick (we still are not 100% sure as we are anxiously awaiting genetic testing results.) The Dr’s believe it is a rare genetic disorder called ALPS which I still don’t completely understand but basically its causing a form of autoimmune haemolytic anemia, in short his own body is attacking his red blood cells. It was in this hospital stay that Finn received his first of 13 blood transfusions in a short 6 month period of time. I learned that 1 in 7 people entering the hospital needs a blood transfusion.

I had heard of blood transfusions but the thought of my little baby getting one honestly kind of scared me. If we didn’t get Finns blood count to go up quickly his organs would begin to shut down. They sent off his blood to make sure we got the most accurate and closest match to avoid any possible reactions from the transfusion. Finn has rare antibodies that are hard to match so the process of getting the blood takes a little longer than normal. We also found out that One whole blood donation has the potential to help up to three patients.

From start to finish a transfusion takes about 4-5 hours for such a little guy. It has to be done slowly and monitored very carefully. Finn has taken every transfusion like a champ with no issues and almost immediately after he gets blood he looks and feels so much better because his body is operating in a normal capacity. This blood that is so selflessly given has saved my little boy countless times and not only that it makes him feel better it gives his body what he needs so that it can function normally.


 WHAT’S MISSING? We don’t have enough As, Bs, ABs and Os. Blood donation drops about 20% during the summer, which is why we need your blood type. Lets donate our blood this summer to help continue to save the lives of so many. Take a step to donate by going to The Missing Type Donation Page Here where you can find your local blood donation locations. If you are local and in Colorado, please check out Bonfils Blood Center  as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts. #MissingType #DonateBlood. #ad

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