Bellohaven Hand Tied Hair Extensions

If you have been with me for a while you know I love my hair extensions. After being diagnosed with Hashimotos and having 3 babies my natural hair was starting to thin pretty bad and it wouldn’t grow past a certain point. After doing research I decided to try hair extensions about 6 years ago and I’ve never gone back.

There are so many different types of hair and hair extensions on the market and I’ve pretty much tried them all. I most recently visited my Hair Queen and sweet friend Melissa Higman founder and owner of Bello Haven Hair Extensions here in Johnstown Colorado for her luxurious hand tied hair extensions. Follow her HERE on the gram!

Bello Haven Hair Salon New Location

Grand opening of the new salon with the queen herself

Before I dive into the actual extension process I have to brag on my girl Melissa for a minute. I actually just attended the grand opening of her brand new beautiful salon last night and let me tell you there is nothing here in Northern Colorado like it! It is the most beautiful salon I have ever stepped into. I could tell instantly how much thought and heart went into the design of this space. It’s a place that makes you feel pampered, seen, and loved all while getting beautified by top stylists and technicians.

Bello Haven Hair Salon and Extensions is a full service salon that not only caters to all of your hair needs but also offers lash extensions, microblading, permanent makeup, makeup application, as well as spray tans. Its basically your one stop shop for all things beauty, click HERE for the salon service menu.

Become Bello Haven Certified

If you are a stylist and looking to become Bello Haven Certified check out the classes that are offered HERE. I highly recommend all stylist to take Melissa’s classes, offering Bello Haven Hair extensions to your list of services is going to make your business grow! As a stylist you can also buy Bello Haven Hair HERE trust me its the BEST hair out on the market!

My Hand Tied Hair Extension Experience

Ok now to the fun part, the hair! This past May Melissa asked me if I wanted to try her new narrow edge weft hair with the hand tied hair extension method. To be honest I was a bit nervous because I loved my 2 gram I tip hair that she had been doing for over a year (you can read my post about that method HERE), but I am always down to try new methods and knew that since it was Bello Haven Hair I was going to love it no matter what and guess what? I did love it!

What are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Bello Haven Narrow Edge Weft

I am so glad you asked. This method involves no glue and no tape, which means no damage on your natural hair! The wefts (long piece of high quality REAL hair) are sewn into your natural hair using micro beads. The wefts are designed to lay flat on your head which makes them not detectable. I can even throw my hair up in a high pony and you can’t see them. They are also very comfortable you forget you even have them in.

I currently have 4 rows in my hair most girls get 2 to 3 but I am a go big or go home kind of girl when it comes to my hair:) In fact I think Melissa told me I have the most packs of hair shes ever done on a client. The recommended number of packs of hair to create that full look is 3. So when booking a full set keep that in mind.

I have had the hand tied hair extensions for over a month now and my honest opinion is I love them! I get asked all of the time which method I prefer and honestly I love both the I-tip and the Hand Tied method. I would wear both and do. I believe extensions are personal and it really depends on the clients hair, budget, and overall look they are going for. That is why booking a free consultation is the best way to go so you can discuss all of these with your stylist.

In the process

Are You Ready To Become A Bello Haven Babe?

I do have to warn you that once you get your Bello Haven Hair extensions you’ll never want to go back! Also get prepared to be asked by people in target about your beautiful hair. This literally happens to me all of the time and I love it. Sharing with women where they can go to get the hair of their dreams is so fun.


Ok so your ready to take the next steps and book a free consult. It’s super easy all you do is Contact the salon! Not located in Colorado no problem contact them and they will find a Bello Haven Certified Stylist near you. Don’t forget to let them know you heard about them through my blog!

PHOHNE: (720) 614-9372



xoxo Fawn

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